Live Score Series Vol​.​3: Nosferatu

by Light Upon Blight



On October 28th, 2016, a double drummer version of Light Upon Blight performed a live score to the 1922, classic horror film Nosferatu at the Best Video Film & Cultural Center in Hamden, CT.
We like to think that F. W. Murnau and Max Schreck would've been pleased.

This live score marks LUB's 13th release. Coincidence?

" ...and it was in 1443 that the first Nosferatu was born.
That name rings like the cry of a bird of prey. Never speak it aloud...
Men do not always recognize the dangers that beasts can sense at certain times."

" Nosferatu drinks the blood of the young, the blood necessary to his own existence. One can recognize the mark of the vampire by the
trace of his fangs on the victim's throat."

The performance was recorded on an inexpensive digital stereo recorder. The tracks contains no edits and have only been sweetened with minimal amounts EQ, reverb, and limiting. The recording is kind of lo-fi which fits the band’s aesthetic.


released November 6, 2016

LUB was:
Jeff Cedrone - synths, keyboards, guitar, electronics, voice, percussion
Tom Hogan - drums, percussion
John C. Miller - synths, electronics
Peter Riccio - drums

2016 - Haunted Score Music



all rights reserved


Light Upon Blight New Haven, Connecticut

Sounds like: Free Jazz with a noise aesthetic or an exorcism.

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